Vision and mission

Vision and mission

The center of Franken experience is relationships, and we look forward to welcoming you and your family to experience firsthand the power of Franken School.

Stepping on the environment of Franken Schools, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies and time are dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence.

We are pioneers in providing a leading-edge academic experience in a conducive environment, using top class facilities and human resources for academic, moral, religious and skill development of a total child, and we are fundamentally committed to helping all of our students become people of strong character.


We encourage respect for each other, cultures and traditions and promote responsibility for the community, living things and our environment. We promote whole school and community respect, ensuring that children understand that respect does not only relate to age.


We promote moral understanding using our school’s Golden Rules, encouraging positive behavioural attitude through open discussions such as circle time sessions and assemblies. In child speak we display the section of our behaviour policy which clearly explains levels of consequences. We ask even our youngest children to reflect on incidents and consider the difference between right and wrong. We always treat each day as a new one and learn from our behaviours.


We view education as a partnership; between parents, teachers and children. As a learning community we acknowledge and promote cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders, actively including parents in their child’s education. Similarly, we plan cooperative lessons in the classroom and team events on the field. As we encourage “learning for life” we remind children at every learning curve that they must be able to work with others.


We promote children’s self-confidence to explore new ideas, strategies and roles as we expose them to a range of new situations and promote an understanding that change is constant.

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